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 Text for Studies.

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Text for Studies. Empty
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The Beginning

What we are told is that the first vampire to walk the earth was Lillith. The first wife of Adam in the garden of eden. The legend goes that during a dispute between the two, Lillith left, and her punishment was vampirism. She started by feeding on the children of families she gained favor with before finally turning a man named Erik. He became her consort and together the two roamed the world. They created vampires from various places in the world and taught them the needed knowldge. Then Lillith and Erik disappeared. Never seen again. Though there is always one who says they saw them.

The Lycan Rebellions

The Duke of Florence, Francesco Ebelaz, was the leader of the vampire forces during the Lycan Rebellions. The Lycans were once the daytime protectors of the vampires. Until finally they grew discontent and rebelled starting the bloodiest conflict of our species history. Due to their ability to fight at both day and night they made a terrible foe. Though Francesco and the other vampires of his choosing soon learned that the Lycans had very few that could change anytime they wished. Only the older ones. The younger ones could only change during the full moon. It was during this time that the vampire armies destroyed the fortresses of the wolves and during a meeting of peace between Francesco Ebelaz and the Lycan leader William, that a peace was reached. Though it has been uneasy and almost broken on many occasions, Celia Ebelaz, the wife of the late Duke has been able to keep the peace. Shortly after the end of the Rebellion, Francesco Ebelaz organized the Dark Council. The leadership of the Vampires.

The Covens

The vampires have always been idolized by humans. First with fear. Now with desire and interest. Though there are many who would refuse our existence even if we showed them everything. We have never had a place where we lived in great numbers. Instead the Dark Council chose for safety and began the covens. Groups of vampires under an Ancient, who lead them and spoke for them among the gathering of the ancients. This avoided many vampires being in large concentrated numbers in any one place. Where they could draw attention to themselves.

The numbers of a coven vary depending on the location. The largest coven is in France. Under the guidance of Louis de Rais has a number of 200 vampires. Celia Ebelaz of Florence is the second largest containing 181. Vittorio Benito, an Italian vampire living in Greece numbers in the 150's. The coven of Sicily under the guidance of Azrael Ebelaz numbers in the 130's though they are by far the most intelligent and deadliest of the covens. Santiago Estrada of Spain has around 80 in his coven as he occupies the smallest portion of Europe.

There are many sects of Vampires who have shunned the covens instead operating alone or in groups of 2 to 4. These are rare in Europe. The most prominent number of covenless vampires is located in America. Rick Night is the only Ancient with no Coven under his guidance, though these would be the American vampires.

The covens were established to give the Fledglings instruction in our ways. To keep them from breaking the sacred laws set forth by the Dark Council. Without the coven's the vampires would fall into disarray and draw unwanted attention to our kind.

Fledglings and their Development.

During the first 300 years is when the vampires abilities manifest themselves completely. During this time the vampire in question can often surprise themselves with use of powers they did not have 50 years or even a century before. This can be dangerous to the well being of the entirety of our culture.

After 300 years, the fledgling then is considered a full fledged vampire. This is the point when the vampire has developed all abilities they will have. They then spend the next hundred years gaining mastery of those abilities. Many often make some sort of mistake that gets them killed. Thinking they can survive the rays of the sun. Taking on a pack of Lycans. That is why there are only six Ancients. Or they go mad and throw themselves on the fire.

The Sections of the Covens

The covens are divided into branches. The top is the Ancient. The leader. This Ancient has five vampires all over 500 years old who make up his own small council. This is called the Dark Knights. These vampires act as personal protectors of the Ancient. Then there are two sections within the coven. The first is called the Swords of Darkness. These are the protectors of the coven itself. Soldiers, and warriors. The other is the called the Dark Thought. They are the scholars and aristocrats of the coven. Often leaving the defense of the clan to the Swords. Within the Dark Thought there are vampires who aid the fledglings along their path to the completion of their 3 centuries until they are ready to choose whether to join the Swords or the Thought.

Only the Ancient who chooses them know the identities of their Dark Knights. As to the Swords of Darkness. They have their own ranks as well. The leader of the Swords is called the Dark Commander. The other ranks follow much the same thing as traditional ranks adding Dark or Shadow to the name. The Dark Thought is comprised of Vampires who sought to become the scholars of our people. There are the Shadow Acolytes who are minor scholars and the master scholars called the Children of Darkness. True scholars dedicated to knowledge. Then the aristocrats who attempt to lick the boots of the Ancient in hope of favor.

The Dark Knights are zealots who will fight to the last drop of blood and even after to protect their Ancient master. As are all the Dark Knights of the other Ancients. Trained from the moment they were embraced as vampires. Day one as a Fledgling. For 500 years they are trained until the day comes that they are brought into the Dark Knights as protectors, assassins, ambassadors. Whatever the Ancient needs them to do.

During the last 300 years, the Sicilian Coven under Azrael Ebelaz combined the two sections of the Coven into the Swords of Darkest Thought. These vampires are both scholars and warriors, capable of both intelligent rationality and prowess of warfare. The other Ancients have rejected this as imprudent though the Italian Coven under Celia Ebelaz has begun to combine as the Sicilian Coven has.

The Ancients

Vampires grow stronger with age. The older the vampire the more powerful they are. It has never understood why this happens. But for some reason it does. The Ancients have no great or hidden powers. Only abilities honed by years of constant practice. They are also chosen to be the leaders of the vampires because they have seen centuries worth of events. A vast amount of knowledge is at their disposal. Revered for wisdom.

There have never been more than 10 Ancients. It is unknown why, though the current number stands at 6. The choosing of the residing Ancients is done by their predecessor when the Soon to be Ancient is part of the Dark Knights of the old Ancient. This way there is no attempts at the position of Ancient by those who do not know what they are doing. Celia Ebelaz was chosen by her husband, Francesco Ebelaz. Santiago Estrada by a Spanish vampire named Marius. Many Ancients throw themselves on the fire giving way to their chosen vampire to take their position. This is usually done after the beginning of a new era. Many Ancients do not wish to see the change of the world and therefore choose the flame or the sun.
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Text for Studies.
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